Courage Ayim is one of the fast rising Gospel music act, born and brought up in the northern part of the country Nigeria and presently residing in Adamawa State were he was born, he is an indigene of Cross river state according to COURAGE “I’m a cross breed… My Dad speaks Ogoja from Cross River while my mum is from Abia(igbo)” . Courage recently a 300 level student of Management technology at M A U T E C H started music at the age of ten and it all started at his church’s Children choir and since then, he has standout to be a unique musician in his own pattern.

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O G U T O N: Who do you look up to in the gospel music scene (your mentor) ?

C O U R A G E: I’ve always gotten my inspiration from Nigerian singers like F R A N K E D W A R D S , F L O R O C A and some foreign singers like T Y E T R I B E T, K I R K F R A N K L I N….. Frank Edwards specifically…. When I started… But I realized I needed to listen to more songs and great men like J O N A T H A N M C R E Y N O L D S , K I E R R A S H E A R D and those mentioned earlier……

O G U T O N : As a student sir, do you find it difficult combining studies and music simultaneously?

C O U R A G E : Not at all. I really do find fulfilment doing music but my studies at this point matters so much

O G U T O N : If I got you right, music doesn’t matters to you as your studies right?

C O U R A G E : It does, but even so, Doing the right thing at the right time is so important. Doing music doesn’t mean I should be lagging in my academics.

O G U T O N : We’ve heard your recently released track “D E S I R E” what’s really the inspiration behind the the song?

C O U R A G E : It’s a feeling of love for God, how he makes me feel when ever I think of all he went through for me. God deserves a love song from me.

O G U T O N : Do you have some challenges in your music ministry?

C O U R A G E : Yea, Finances and the right platforms

O G U T O N : Are these the only challenges you’ve got?

C O U R A G E : Gospel music down here in the north does not really have a great structure.

O G U T O N : How do you mean sir?

C O U R A G E : The functionality of those body responsible for ensuring the standard of good gospel music here is really not impressing

O G U T O N : Who are those body you are talking of ?

C O U R A G E : I was thinking there is a F O G M O N Body here in A D A M A W A like every other states

O G U T O N : What does F O G M O N stands for and how does it function?

C O U R A G E : Fellowship of Gospel Music Ministers of Nigeria , They are to supervise every activity of Gospel music in a particular state.

O G U T O N : O K , don’t u think it’s your duty to find Ur way up if those bodies aren’t aiding?

C O U R A G E : Yea of course

O G U T O N : don’t u think making that move will help sir?

C O U R A G E : I think that’s the best thing to do .

O G U T O N : Sir, what are you up to? Your plans anent your music career.

C O U R A G E : I have alot of plans to put in place but at the moment, am working on a 7 tracks EP to be released this year by God’s grace!

O G U T O N : OK, that’s a great move sir. All we pray for is God’s grace on you to carry on. O G U T O N M E D I A is always proud of you and your music sir. Thanks for your time.

O G U T O N M E D I A S E S S I O N ,


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