“And now my public question : why are good musics not popular”- Disboi

I don’t know if you do observe keenly and inquisitively to this things

-people appreciate musics with no meaning or morality to the ones written skillfully and spirituous .

– cool songs are bed time berceuse instead of listening and meditating upon .

And now my public question is : why are good musics not popular?

Could it be that the artists don’t budget for a blogger to promote their music?

Lack of song promotion  can be viewed  as one of the major problems, but even at that some good musics receive promotion but at the end of the day, they are been ignored by some audience.

To my dismay, alot of popular music has no good contents in it, but still at that people prefer dancing to it, and that is making alot of good writes to start writing rubbish in quest for popularity kaaaaaai ! habaaaa! noooo!

To all the good writers, I’ll advice you to hold on to your faith, we will soon find the roots of this matter and address it .

And if you choose to do otherwise, my conclusion will be ” this act has no primary focus to his musical career ” oh! Yes that’s very very true. Good musics will soon be appreciated and the throne will be switched, where the ruling team will be those who did their home works (Skill aquisations and good music compositions )patiently waiting for acceptance and those Kings of  GON-GONI music will warm the benches you’ve once warmed.

And to our humble audience reading this article, what really is the cause why good musics are not popular ?

We need your contributions!


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  1. A good question! You see as you said audience do ignore good music, not because they didn’t come across it, ‘the beat!’ Someone said to me just yesterday, he also danced to your song “Na Waye” even when he can’t understand hausa!
    Many audience are after beat and some few others are after the style, not lyrics.

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