Growing an ill-fated generation (by Disboi)

"your maturity as a guardian(parent) is accepting your responsibility"

The way children do things this days surprises my surprise.

I could remember during our own days we don’t need to be told that it’s time for Sunday schools or any of our routines

I could remember during our days, we don’t need to be compelled to go out or to close our eyes when it comes to the nude parts of nollywood, Bollywood or any wood movies due to the home training we’ve been receiving.

But not in this century where infants are born already grown, where nude parts have become their favorites

I could remember during our days, we Memorize the Scriptures word to word and failure to memorize accurately will be laughed at . So to avoid embarrassment, we take our time to meditate on the word of God and that became our mandate.

But now: scriptures are not recited but rather, meaningless lyrics to a nude song. It’s not even embarrassing anymore for someone not to memorize Bible verses

What is the world turning into?
Have we asked ourselves?

Anyway I don’t blame the children but the incompetent immoral parents to the children.

Alot of our parents this days happens to be immoral in their way of life and that is growing a corrupted child.

Some parents doesn’t know their responsibilities

I don’t care how you take it but one thing am certain is ” any truth spoken word has a way of piercing the hearts and minds”

your maturity as a  guardian(parent ) is accepting your responsibility

This children you’ve given birth to have some core needs: discipline, intimacy, love and value.

If they lack this, the children will grow to be the ill-fated adults of tomorrow because they will grow to imitate you.

But there is one thing I believe in, if at first you’ve failed to perform your parental duties, you can still redress your inaction.

“Failure lays a learning experience platform”

So, arise parent and change the world for better, it begins now!

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