My keyboard is not coughing today so I’m going to be thoroughly blunt, but with a sharp honesty notwithstanding. For a start let me say this with no pretensions whatsoever: The “conventional” schooling system, or dare I say “cooling system” (since it is very cozy for ignorance), is one designed to manufacture an army of dummies ten times dumber than the ones that facilitate so foolish a system, an army ready to tear apart and further delve our nation deeper into the cataclysmic depths of oblivion once they are let lose as successors; what do you know, it’s a shit-hole posterity concept.

Looking back at this now, I can’t help but be proud of it – while I was in secondary school back then, I hated to copy notes; most teachers notes where the bane of my life. I could not stand reproducing what is an avalanche of erroneous, sometimes completely unintelligible blah blah blah that is everything but educating.

The lazy teacher decides to use his brain and manufacture nonsense, or chooses to directly copy a textbook and then gives some student to copy it to the class, who then copies it for himself. Sometimes the student is corrupt enough to just copy it for himself and stay ahead, only giving it out to girls he is interested in and his buddies.

The teacher threatens you to copy the notes and thus consequently successfully creates his escape route. He does not come to class often because it will take days, sometimes weeks to finish copying the notes. So he sits beneath the tree and hooks up with other equally lazy teachers as they together form an additional nuisance to the learning process. They could be so lazy that they will call a student during class hours to go buy them food and drinks – a student who is supposed to be learning.

The teacher comes to class at sparse intervals and keeps burdening students with notes, buying more time to go make some money elsewhere or stay at the school and chat and bully. So at the end of the term we have only covered two or three topics, ones that remain a mystery to most of us. I had rather be learning and practicing than wasting my time copying a note that threatens to defeat the aim of my being at school.

Need to be more explicit in unraveling the sins committed against innocent students who need to be shown the way but are rather shoved further away from it? How students who come late are detained sometimes the entire school hours and are forced to fetch water for corpses, corps members I mean to say, or pack sand and gravel for a school building under construction, or beaten and just left to dry under the wicked sun on their knees?

I would love to compare our schools with isolated, grossly dark rooms,
trapping each student for years at the end of which few come out successfully still in possession of their minds, the rest are blank robots, the casualties of one big organized hypnosis.
I graduated secondary school 2014 and I have been having issues with my results, proof that I am an “unserious student” or so I am led to believe. Today I am forced not to use my brain – forced because it is my ethic not to practice any form of corruption during exams. I had rather resit an infinite number of times than violate my principles.

So today was Chemistry practical and we used the poorly ventilated and barely equipped laboratory. I could see the reagents and apparatus but could not use them because there was no time; it had taken eternity for the invigilator to show up. Plus i am sure i could get into a fight with some teacher who feels i am trying to show off.

We were a generous minutes behind schedule and we were classified into “sets” as the poor laboratory could not contain all the students. We spent a few minutes copying from the blackboard there before we were exported to a hall where we were to finish as the other set stepped in to copy too. An the painful thing is that it was normal, exam malpractice is now a common exam practice.

I assume the teachers were optimistic that the students had successfully completed the dumbing process and so they seal the deal by “helping” them move on, and they seem to do it with a clear conscience.
To say I am dissapointed is an understatement. Yesterday as we discussed this topic with Mr. Jessy St. Mallums he said and I paraphrase ” It is absolutely wrong to use the metaphor that our educational system is dying – it is simply inadequate a metaphor. What we have is a dead system and we are pushing it’s corpse on an equally dead contraption. ”

I believe the reason why I see things differently is probably because I am the one to solve them and I’m working on that as we speak, myself and the leadership team at my organization.
I will not rest, I had rather not been born than live my life and leave behind the same problems I grew up seing and doing nothing to at least make them slightly better.


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